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Our original folder-case
This folder-case can be used for documents or for keeping your laptop neat. If your order is 70€ or more you will receive this folder as a gift and therefore for FREE (color in this case may vary)
Our fabrics are fine quality from Austria, Italy, Czech Republic, Netherlands and Spain. High quality and appropriate work ethics are the main values of the company and to comply with them we stitch in Spain and Poland
Style your bomber shirt in a chic way.
 We offer a selection of cufflinks in 4 colors
Discounts % and gifts
Win/Win Solution on the group orders
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Are you the kind of person who needs to touch the fabric?
we are proud of our quality materials and would be happy to send you swatches of our fabrics (free of charge)
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friday shirts
slim fit
the most comfortable shirts ever
bomber shirts
relax fit
shirt and light jacket - two in one
Oversized shirts
loose fit
as always original designs
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