sizing chart
* highly recommended to check bust measurement (cm/in) and not to rely fully on the country size due to the variation from brand to brand

** from our experience for FRIDAY shirt we recommend to take one size bigger due to Slim Fit

*** we offer one time free exchange due to wrong size choice
why M 1/2 is there?
Numbers are so confusing, that we decided to get rid of them. However, it's not that easy just to take S, M, L and move forward. In clothing industry numbers are used for more fitted garments while S, M, L metrics have bigger gaps to fit the most of the people. Introducing M 1/2 allows to break the sizes in the smaller steps for Slim Fit garments without deviating from the international standards of what S, M, L sizes are.
*if you are not sure about your size or you don't find it at all, please, write to