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the T-shirts are made of Organic Cotton what makes them environmentally friendly products
The drawings on the t-shirts are drawn by the founder of chaika. She draws by hand and only with a black pen, so, during the process she can't erase anything or go back.
Everything starts from a random line without any idea of what is supposed to be. The outcome is so uncertain that, at some point, the drawing might become a total nonsense for her, but she always continues.
Interestingly, after all chaotic lines and a kind of mess, at the end, there are actually no mistakes - every line finds its way out and all dots get connected. The drawing becomes something unique and beautiful.
We share this with you because today we live in a world of uncertainty. People have constant stress about their future. However, no one knows what future holds. Probably, we just have to enjoy the process and let life connect the dots.